Work at a summer camp in the USA

Over a million children a year in America attend a camp and in South Africa we look for young councillors who are keen to travel to America for the summer to work with kids, to teach a sport or an activity.

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Summer Camp in the United States is a way of life.

Most people who go to camp say it is the greatest job you will ever have because you are paid to do a hobby or sport you love.  So if you have experience with children and have a sport or skill you love doing and are happy to teach it to children, then camp is for you.


  • Interested applicants must be between the ages of 19-27
  • Must have experience working with children, not necessarily as a form of profession but a profession related to fields of teaching, coach and youth/social worker is an advantage.
  • Have a set of skills to offer to children.
  • Must be South African or have a valid visa to be in South Africa
  • Prepared to work hard and commit to the conditions and cultures set for camp and America as a country.


Program applications are open all year round


It takes minimum  2-3 months to place candidates and process everything needed for the visa program.


The program is a minimum of 9 weeks. It is best to APPLY EARLY.


Summer Camp takes place between June – August.



The Visa classed used for this program is the J1 exchange Visa.


After you have completed your program, you have a 30 day grace period in which you may travel America.


During your employment at the summer camp, you will earn a minimum of $950 total for the duration of your contact. The location that your camp can be varies as there are over 12 000 Summer Camps in America and any one of them can select you to offer a position.


As a camp counselor, in your position you would be in charge of setting up and managing a program/activity schedule that is in line with your activity, be it archery, rock climbing, swimming or even boating.


The skills that are required at camp do not need to be professional or qualified. As long as you have experience in the skill, confidence and are willing to lead your activity with children then that is all that is needed.


It is a requirement that all flight details are handled by Awesome Travel through our flight department.

CAMP FEESHow much does it cost?

R 9500

Full Price
  • Visa Application Assistance
  • Visa Fee
  • Return flights from O.R Tambo to JFK
  • Min. earning of $950 for the duration of camp
  • 24/7 Support in USA
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Spending Money

On this program we make use of the J1 exchange Visa. The visa allows
you to work at the camp for the duration that the camp needs you (9 – 12
weeks). After you have completed your camp contract you have a 30
day travel grace period that allows you to travel around the U.S. You will
need to bring some spending money for any unforeseen expenses and
things you may want before your first salary payout, of which you will
earn a minimum of $950 for the 10 week duration. $400 USD is
suggested. This also shows Boarder Control you are able to support
your first day in the USA by yourself.