Summer Camp Fees

Breakdown of costs

  • Reserves a spot on the Camp Program
  • Getting started with your paperwork
  • Assistance with your profile
  • In-Person or webcam interviews to determine visa eligibility
  • Access to the CIEE Beacon system
  • Application assistance
  • English Eligibility screening
  • Visa Processing assistance
  • SEVIS Fee: This non-refundable fee charged by the US department of Homeland Security (DHS) to fund and maintain the web based SEVIS tracking system mandated to track J1 visitors during their time in the US
  • Visa sponsorships including visa document DS2019 proving you can legally work in the US
  • 24/7 backup support from CIEE while in the US
  • CIEE insurance coverage for the duration of the program
  • Full travel arrangements from South Africa to the USA
  • Completion certificates and references upon successfully completing your program from CIEE
  • Getting DS2019 in country
  • Assisting with filling out the DS160
  • Assistance with supplementary documentation
  • This Non-Refundable fee is Payment for your visa fee
  • Visa appointments either in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban
  • We fly all applicants from (OR Tambo International) on major international airlines to New York


  • 3 meals a day supplied by camp
  • Accommodation while on camp premises
  • Return Flights From O.R Tambo
  • Included Visa Fee
  • Position At a summer camp
  • 3 months of Summer
  • 30 days after your camp contract ends to travel the USA
  • A minimum of $950 for the duration of camp

Spending Money

On this program we make use of the J1 exchange Visa. The visa allows you to work at the camp for the duration that the camp needs you (9 – 12 weeks).

After you have completed your camp contract you have a 30 day travel grace period that allows you to travel around the U.S. You will need to bring some spending money for any unforeseen expenses and things you may want before your first salary payout, of which you will earn a minimum of $950 for the 10 week duration. $400 USD is suggested.

This also shows Border Control you are able to support your first day in the USA by yourself.